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Thank you myself, for always survive and do best this whole day. Thank you myself for letting me do positive and think positive even in the darkest situation. Thank you myself for letting me know you and understand you this far. Thank you myself for being calm when looking for solution and know what should do. Thank you myself for being imperfect because that a human being is. Thank you myself to not giving up.   

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"Feels like im not going anywhere today. Im just tired. Pls gimme some space for being alone with my crumbling-to-pieces-whiny-self  "
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title: Give Me Hope
artist: New Politics
album: New Politics
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New Politics - Give Me Hope

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"Keep show me that im such an ignorant person, lost respect for you. I know from the very first time i know you. I just know. Because i know. you always be you, someone never change but grow up. And you didn’t"
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Fandom artists are the best

Most of it is by Alice X Zhang the one with Loki and Maleficent is by Daekazu and the one with Kalisi is by Jason Edmiston

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Glee Cast-Somewhere Only We Know (Full Song Lyrics) by Aronn Angelo Rosales Noel on SoundCloud
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All of Me by gleethemusic on SoundCloud

Perfect Song <3

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As Long As You Love Me - J.Bieber (Cover)

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